Welcome to the PLR Printables Store Affiliate Program!

Our referral program is quick and easy to sign up and allows you to earn commission on sales that you send our way. 😁

 ** Please Note- commissions are given on purchases from the store and excludes the membership.

How does this work?

Once you sign up at the link provided below you will automatically be given your referral link and coupon code. If someone purchases from our store using your referral link or coupon code you will receive a percentage of the commission. 

**However you can not sign up to become and affiliate, make a purchase, and then receive a commission on your own order. :) Thanks for understanding.**

How much will I get paid?

We are currently offering 50% commission for any sale that used your referral link or coupon code. The sell must be from a NEW customer to our shop. Your referral link will be tracked using a 365 day, first click cookie. This means as long as the customer makes a purchase from the same browser within 365 days you will still get credit for the sale.

When and how will I get paid?

You will receive an automatic Paypal payment on any referrals that resulted in a sale from the previous month. Payments are made once per week and 30 days from the date of the sale. 

❤️ Click Here to Sign Up & Become an Affiliate! ❤️