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RankIQ is who I have been using to help me with my SEO research lately to find the keywords that have high search volume and less competition. They have also helped me improve blog posts that I had moved down by 2-3 pages over the past couple of years and I am now back on page #1!! (this is very exciting!!! 🤸🏼‍♀️🎉)

And, they have a ton of Printables keyword categories in their keyword library for you to pick from. It is perfect for anyone that is in my PLR Printables Store Membership and wanting help finding good keywords for printables... and also ranking for them!

In my blogging career I have taken multiple SEO courses and have tried a lot of the top SEO tools on the market.

I have two things that I can honestly tell you (in my opinion) about RankIQ

#1. The video walk through (inside of RankIQ) shows you step by step how to search through their database to find the little "gold nugget" keywords that you can rank for easily. Had this been available to me years ago I could have saved myself tons of money and time that I spent on blogging courses and other more expensive tools that...... A. took me soooo long to get through the course to learn everything about SEO and...... B. Cost waaayyy to much monthly for their services :(  RankIQ is like hitting the easy button on SEO!

# 2. Once you have selected your little "gold nugget" keywords from their keyword library there is yet again... another... video walk through showing you step by step how to easily compose your blog post article and will give you an A+ grade to let you know when it is good enough to rank on page 1 of google!

It is amazing, simple to use, and straight to the point 🎯

Below are the stats from a recent 1-year study showing that Mediavine blogs using RankIQ increased their Google traffic 468% more than the Mediavine blogs not using RankIQ. 

I was a little skeptical too before I tried it... but, it honestly works.. That Good!!

And remember what I said about the other pricey SEO tools that are out there. You can see the comparison of their prices on the chart below. RankIQ is by far the cheapest and makes "SEO" soooo easy. Again... it's like pushing the easy button on SEO.

I will be promoting RankIQ for the month of April only.... and am offering this amazing deal to only the first 20 people that sign up using my link.

Once you have signed up with RankIQ using my referral link just email me at info@PLRPrintablesStore.com. I will verify it and give you a FREE 2 year subscription to the PLR Printables Store Membership!!

I am confident that RankIQ will make your blogging life sooo much easier! ❤️


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